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Fredericksburg is the Crime Capitol of Virginia

By James C Sherlock

Fredericksburg crime price map

I wrote on Friday that Fredericksburg has a significant crime drawback.

After hours of plowing via State crime statistics 2021, I can now declare Fredericksburg the crime capital of Virginia.

Public security is the most necessary accountability of native authorities, adopted by colleges. The statistics recommend that Fredericksburg’s correctional system — the courts, the Commonwealth Attorney and the police — and the faculty system usually are not excellent at what they do.

Fredericksburg would possibly need to acknowledge this by doing one thing about it. I instructed returning to metropolis standing. I do not anticipate that to occur, not less than not any time quickly.

The State Office for Criminal Justice for now accredits 104 Virginia Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) who meet with acknowledged professionals norms for Efficient and Effective Government Operations established by the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission (VLESPSC).

Accredited LEAs embody the Stafford and Spotsylvania Sheriffs Departments and the University of Mary Washington PD. But not the Fredericksburg police.

Perhaps the City Council ought to ask the Fredericksburg City Manager why his police division hasn’t even utilized for state accreditation. Just a thought.

I’ll cowl Virginia’s crime facilities on this article.

The Accreditation Program. The Commonwealth, below the Department of Criminal Justice Services a Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission (VLEPSC).

It features

“To provide an opportunity for law enforcement agencies across the Commonwealth to demonstrate that they meet generally accepted standards for efficient and effective agency operations.”

The aims of the fee embody:

  1. rising the effectiveness and effectivity of the Commonwealth of Virginia in service supply;
  2. selling cooperation and coordination between all parts of the legal justice system;
  3. making certain the acceptable degree of coaching for legislation enforcement personnel;
  4. selling public confidence in legislation enforcement; and
  5. Promoting legislation enforcement professionalism in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

requirements tackle administration; operations; Staff; and coaching.

All legal justice companies, as outlined in the Code of Virginia, are eligible to take part in the program. VLEPSC carries out the accreditation with personnel specifically educated and authorized for this process.

It is each smart and necessary for residents to ask why many LEAs haven’t executed so.

  1. It does not value. Many small LEAs take part.
  2. Afraid of racial discrimination? no The metropolis of Petersburg is 77% black. The Bureau of Police is accredited. The Petersburg Sheriff’s Department utilized. The City of Richmond Sheriff’s Office is accredited, as is the Martinsville Police Department and Sheriff.
  3. Is the Commonwealth too conservative in its LE requirements? Remember Arlington County PD is accredited.
  4. Are the requirements out of date? Latest version of program guide dated January 1, 2022.
  5. Too time consuming? Apparently not. More than 100 LEAs are accredited and 28 extra are awaiting accreditation.
  6. too heavy? norms are revealed and candidates are given two years earlier than the inspection due date to arrange. There are pretend opinions. The Commission makes each effort to make sure that an applicant passes.

The non-participating LEAs merely don’t need to undertake these requirements and be checked towards them.

The ten largest jurisdictions in the Commonwealth by inhabitants and accreditation standing of their LEAs are:

  1. Fairfax County – PD, sure; sheriff, sure
  2. Prince William County—PD, no; sheriff, sure
  3. Virginia Beach PD, no, Sheriff, sure.
  4. Loudoun County – Leesburg PD, sure (doesn’t have a county police company); sheriff, sure
  5. Chesterfield County – PD, sure; sheriff, sure
  6. Henrico County—PD, no; Sheriff, no.
  7. Chesapeake – PD, no; sheriff, sure
  8. Arlington County – PD, sure; Sheriff, no.
  9. Norfolk – PD, no; sheriff, sure
  10. Richmond—PD, no; sheriff, sure

Virginia’s excessive crime jurisdictions. Well, than Reported by the Virginia State Policelet us take a look at the jurisdictions

  • with Group Against the law charges, measured in crimes per 100,000 inhabitants, exceeding 5,000 in 2021 (report legitimate as of 16 March 2022); and
  • in international locations with greater than 10,000 inhabitants, a minimal cut-off chosen by the writer to make sure statistical relevance.

Below is an inventory in descending order of Group Against the law charges per 100,000 inhabitants; The listing is restricted to populations larger than 25,000. I’ve added notable (from the writer’s level of view) Group A offenses in absolute numbers and listed the LEAs’ Virginia state accreditation standing:

  1. Friedrichsburg (Neither PD nor Sheriff’s Office accredited) Rate 9,317 / Pop. 27,956 / Notable: Murder and Manslaughter (3); intercourse crimes (35); assaults and intimidation (914); medication (382); Weapons (60). Note: State Police reported 13 drug felonies and 7 gun violations in Fredericksburg—presumably on that metropolis’s brief stretch of I-95); Spotsylvania County and Stafford County have fewer than 3,000 residents. Of the two, solely Stafford had notable drug crimes with 784 out of a inhabitants of 159,247.
  2. Roanoke (City) (PD not accredited, Sheriff’s Office accredited) Tariff 9,290 / Pop. 99,883 / Notable – Attacks and Intimidation (3,124); arson (26); Burglary and B&E (473); medication (1,068); Weapons (334). Note: The state police reported one one other 145 drug offenses in Roanoke City.
  3. Portsmouth (Neither PD nor Sheriff’s Dept. accredited) Rate 8,065 / Pop. 97,883 / Notable: Murders and Manslaughters (36); assaults and intimidation (2,352); medication (233); Weapons (204)
  4. Danville (PD and Sheriff’s Dept. accredited) Rate 7,928 / Pop. 42,597 / Notable: Murders (6); intercourse crimes (35); assaults and intimidation (1,216); Drugs (326) Weapons (182).
  5. Norfolk (PD not accredited; Sheriff’s Office accredited) Tariff 6,860 / Pop. 238.102 / Notable – Murders (62), Sex Crimes (245); assaults and intimidation (4,998); medication (876); youth arrests (116).Note: State Police reported two different murders/manslaughter and one kidnapping in Norfolk.
  6. Pulaski – worth round 6500 listed individually:
    1. Pulaski County Sheriff’s Rate (unaccredited). 5,596 / Pop. 22,425 / Notable: murders and manslaughter (3); assaults and intimidation (473); arson (5); medication (92); Weapons (26). Note: State Police reported one other murder in Pulaski County)
    2. Tariff of the Pulaski Police (accredited). 7,578 / Population 8,657 / Notables: assaults and intimidation (103); Drugs (193)
  7. Winchester (PD and Sheriff’s Office each accredited) Rate 6,342 / Pop. 28,021 / notable assaults and intimidation (525) medication (282); Weapons (51). Note: State Police reported 147 different drug offenses in Winchester.
  8. Richmond (City) (PD not accredited, Sheriff’s Office accredited) Rate 6.163 / Pop. 226,623 / Notable – murders and manslaughter (89); kidnapping 35; assault and intimidation (3,009); medication (599); Weapons (962)
  9. hampton (Not PD nor Sheriff’s Office accredited) Rate 6,037 /Pop 136,581 /Notable: Murder (27); kidnapping (42); intercourse crimes (111); arson (24); medication (575); Weapons (694). (Note: State Police reported 19 assaults in Hampton)
  10. Lynchburg (PD not accredited; Sheriff’s Office accredited) Tariff 5,661 / Pop. 80,054 / Notable: Murder & Manslaughter (9); intercourse crimes (77); assaults and intimidation (1,726); medication (720); Weapons (244). Note: State Police reported 39 different drug offenses in Lynchburg.)
  11. Staunton (neither PD nor Sheriff’s Office accredited) valuation 5,535 / Pop. 25,874 / Notable: Attacks and Intimidation (404); arson (4); Drugs (178)
  12. Newport News (PD not accredited, Sheriff’s Office accredited) Tariff 5,283 /Pop 185,082 /Notable: Murders (29); kidnappings (108); assaults and intimidation (3,797); medication (491); gun accidents (1,187); Juvenile Arrests (100)
  13. suffolk (PD not accredited; Sheriff’s Office accredited) Tariff 5.206 / Pop. 96,130 / Notable Murder and Manslaughter (6); assault and intimidation (2,076); arson (15); medication (259); Weapons (218)
  14. Charlottesville (PD accredited; Sheriff’s Office not accredited) Rate 5.113 / Pop. 51,079 / Notable: Sex Crimes (68); assaults/intimidation (795); medication (159); Weapons (41)
  15. Petersburg (PD Accredited; Sheriff’s Office Accredited) Rate 5,050 / Pop. 32,912 / Notable: Murder and Manslaughter (18); assaults and intimidation (438); medication (98); Weapons (168).
  16. Manassas (Neither PD nor Sheriff’s Office accredited) Rate 5,028/ Pop. 42,733 / Notable: Kidnapping (15); intercourse crimes (51); assaults and intimidation (715); Drugs (281)

State Police. The State Police stories a lots of of drug and gun crimes.

In addition to the above notes, the state police reported an incredible factor 284 Drug offenses in Harrisonburg, in all probability on I-81. Other main drug crime areas reported by state police had been Frederick County (205), Rockingham (126), Shenendoah County (121), and Warren County (151).

Other. Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority police reported 57 drug crimes and 770 Weapon Violations. The State Department of Wildlife Resources reported 161 gun violations and 30 drug offenses.

Among college and school PDs, the VCU (865, together with 5 kidnappings) had been the most energetic; Virginia Tech (715), ; UVa (521, together with six violent rapes); JMU (232, together with two rapes and 59 drug-related offences); and CNU (156, together with three violent rapes and 39 drug-related offences).

backside line. Fredericksburg is the crime capital of Virginia. Is there a gang drawback? Of course there is. With the large drug drawback, Fredericksburg has a gang drawback. So does Spotsylvania County.

Does this have an effect on the colleges in Fredericksburg? Yes. Whether they acknowledge it or not.

I reported yesterday that Fredericksburg PD’s arrest price is consultant, however that clearly does not deter crime. Is it as a result of perpetrators don’t concern legal prosecution by progressive public prosecutors? Your coverage is definitely pro-criminal.

Winchester seems to be linked to Fredericksburg as the drug crime capital because of the work of the state police. Lynchburg and Roanoke observe.

Of the 16 jurisdictions, solely 5 of the police departments are state-accredited.

Accreditation is not a crime-fighting panacea, but it surely does measure professionalism and, simply as importantly, curiosity in professionalism via participation in the program.

Notably, just one of the 5 police departments with the highest Group Against the law charges has signaled curiosity.

It’s not the Fredericksburg PD.

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