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North Carolina

Jimmy Durham: the first black soldier to serve in the British Army | History | News


James “Jimmy” Durham was the earliest African to be a part of the military as a full-fledged infantryman (Image: Black Victorians: Hidden In History by Keshia N Abraham and John Woolf)

The collective reminiscence of Victorian Britain is predominantly white and patrician. But in reality, Queen Victoria’s period was way more ethnically wealthy and multicultural than historical past books typically painting. In truth, many individuals of African descent helped create Britain as we speak.

One of the most unbelievable tales is that of James “Jimmy” Durham – initially named Mustapha and believed to be the first African to be a part of the British Army as a full soldier.

Its story begins at 5am on December 30, 1885 at the Battle of Ginnis – a small-scale conflict between Anglo-Egyptian forces and insurgents loyal to the Sufi spiritual chief who had declared jihad towards the British colonial occupiers of Sudan .

The Mahdi’s military had taken Khartoum after a 313-day siege in January 1885, killed General George Gordon, stirred up indignation in Britain and established a non secular state, the Mahdiyah.

Now, at the Battle of Ginnis, as Britain moved to punish the Mahdi, one brigade of cavalry and two British infantry brigades – together with the 2nd Durham Light Infantry (DLI) – superior on Ginnis, ducking from bullets and spears and engaged in hand-to-hand fight at the bayonet level.

James 'Jimmy' Durham with the regimental mascot, pictured in the early 20th century

James ‘Jimmy’ Durham with the regimental mascot, pictured in the early twentieth century (Image: Black Victorians: Hidden In History by Keshia N Abraham and John Woolf)

As the Mahdist troops fled into the desert, Lieutenant Henry de Beauvoir de Lisle of the DLI volunteered to seize an Arabian nuggar, a sailboat mentioned to be carrying ammunition and provides. Some 100 troopers marched 35 miles earlier than reaching the village of Kohehmatto, the place the native sheikh reluctantly revealed the boat’s place about six miles upriver.

Hoping to attain the boat earlier than darkish, De Lisle and 12 of his males continued on horseback. About half an hour into the mission, they sighted the nuggar being pulled by donkeys and a “flock” of “dervishes,” in accordance to the regimental journal The Bugle. Under cowl of darkness, the males crept up on the enemy.

When they had been about 300 meters away, they fired a volley and charged, inflicting the males guarding the boat to flee into the desert.

They left ammunition bins, a wounded soldier and a bit boy behind. The wounded soldier claimed the boy’s father was killed and his mom was separated from her son in the preventing.

The Sudanese boy after his adoption by the Durham Light Infantry

The Sudanese boy after his adoption by the Durham Light Infantry (Image: Black Victorians: Hidden In History by Keshia N Abraham and John Woolf)

The regiment’s service document revealed: “He was taken over by the Mounted Infantry and has since accompanied the battalion through the vicissitudes of foreign service. He was christened James Francies Durham, his real name was Mustapha.”

The precise particulars of Mustapha’s early years stay unclear.

His true age has by no means been established. And the precise particulars of its “discovery” by the DLI have modified over time. But after the Battle of Ginnis he was christened James Francies Durham – and referred to as Jimmy Durham.

These names come from two males who cared for him, Sergeant Francies Fisher and Private James “Jim” Birley, who “had as much affection for the boy as if he were his own child”. Durham grew up in the DLI ranks.

When he was hungry, he would name out “Out refreshments!” (roughly translated as “I want milk!”). As a toddler he might converse each English and Arabic and was in a position to trip bareback. He sang and danced for the regiment, haggled with native road distributors and was dubbed ‘Our Little Sudan Trophy’.

In different phrases, he was a mascot. In the Nineties there have been numerous Egyptians and Sudanese who had been recruited into the British Army to play music for colonial regiments – so Jimmy Durham was not alone. But his story was distinctive.

When the battalion was known as to India, a number of sergeants urged Durham to be a part of them, every promising to pay a rupee a month – roughly the equal of a day’s wages – to guarantee they stayed with the infantry.

Thus in 1887 Durham traveled to India and was positioned in a college meant for the youngsters of regimental officers. The Civil and Military Gazette, revealed in Lahore, revealed a brief article about “Little Jimmy” in which it falsely claimed that he was “rescued among the dead and dying at the siege of Khartoum”.

He lived in snug quarters and had a pet white kitten. When the regiment was known as to Burma, then a part of British India, in 1898, Jimmy joined them and a yr later he was given his territorial quantity, No. 6758.

It was claimed his utility went so far as Queen Victoria.

Queen Victoria: Her era was more diverse than is often portrayed

Queen Victoria: Her period was extra various than is usually portrayed (Image: GETTY)

Durham formally signed up as a band member, performed violin and clarinet in the regimental orchestra, and returned to England in 1902.

Here he wrote to Stella Robson, the daughter of one in every of the males who had helped elevate him: “Dear Stella, I hope you’ll all the time contemplate me your brother. I’ve identified you because you had been an expensive little youngster [sic] and I’ve all the time thought of your father and your pricey mom to be my mom as properly. They handled me like several of you.”

In 1908, at the age of 24, he married Jane Green, the 22-year-old sister of a quartermaster. On the marriage certificate he was referred to as “Bandsman in 2nd Durham Light Infantry”. The column for his father’s name was left blank.

He was often tasked with looking after the battalion’s mascot – a sheep. Durham later headed the Army Temperance Association and won an award for his services to the cause, perhaps a sign of his Muslim background. Tragically, the young man died of pneumonia while stationed in Ireland just two years after his marriage and before the birth of his daughter Frances.

The Digest of Services of the DLI’s 2nd Battalion states: “He has always proved to be an all-round favorite [sic] and his loss was deeply regretted by all ranks in the battalion.

  • Black Victorians: Hidden In History by Keshia N Abraham and John Woolf (Duckworth, £20) is available now. For free UK shipping visit expressbookshop.com or call Express Bookshop on 020 3176 3832

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