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California Baptist vs Iowa Match Notes

The University of Iowa begins its season on Sunday, November 13 at 1:00 p.m. with a house duel towards California Baptist. Watch because the Lancers tackle the Hawkeyes at Carver-Hawkeye Arena.

This is Iowa’s first duel of the season as California Baptist go in with a 1-2 report. Led by head coach Derek Moore, the Lancers fell 39-9 to Iowa State yesterday and may have one other robust take a look at towards Tom Brands and the Hawkeyes.

Probable Lineups

157 kilos: Cobe Siebrecht (Iowa) FALL Joey Mora (CBU), 4:59

First interval: Siebrecht makes an attempt a throw and will get right into a tussle and comes out the again door with a single and a takedown with 1:43 within the first. With 45 seconds remaining, Siebrecht scored 4 factors for a 6-0 lead. Stall warning towards Mora.

Second part: Siebrecht hits the bottom, Mora is requested to stall and Siebrecht scores a degree for a 7-0 lead. Turn by Siebrecht with 1:33 for a 9:0 lead. Mora escapes with 45 seconds to go and finally will get on the board. Siebrecht will get a takedown and goes straight right into a cradle on the finish of the third and will get a fall with 1 second to go.

Iowa 6, CBU 0

165 kilos: Patrick Kennedy (Iowa) Tech. fall Mateo de la Pena (CBU), 20-5

First part: Kennedy hits with a single with 1:55 earlier than the tip for the two:0 lead and some seconds later offers up an try to flee. Kennedy provides one other at 1:07 to make one other single. A run makes it 4-2. Kennedy hits on a go-behind with 20 seconds left and retains him 6-2 up by the tip of the third.

Second Section: Kennedy bounces early within the part and pops out in 15 seconds for a 7-2 lead. Kennedy scored one other takedown a number of seconds later for a 9-2 lead. A run makes it 9-3, however one other Kennedy takedown makes it 11-3 on the break.

Third interval: de la Pena escapes to begin the third, however Kennedy nonetheless leads 13-4 after a takedown. A run makes it 13-5, however Kennedy scores one other takedown for a 15-5 lead. Kennedy receives 4 photographs so as to add 4 extra factors for a 19-5 lead. A drive timing offers Kennedy a 20-5 know-how.

Iowa 11, CBU 0

174 kilos: Drake Rhodes (Iowa) Major Dec. Zach Rowe, 13-4

First interval: Rhodes hits a low shot within the first 30 seconds for a 2-0 lead. Rojas escapes and cuts the lead in half. A excessive step by Rhodes results in a scramble however he finally scores and goes 4-1 up with a minute to go. Rhodes holds this lead till the break.

Second interval: Rhodes escapes to guide 5-1. Rhodes shoots a brace with 1:06 to go for a 7-1 lead. Escape Rowe with one minute left. Rhodes leads 7-2 on the break.

Third interval: Rowe hits the bottom and escapes in 15 seconds however Rhodes nonetheless leads, 7-3. Low single by Rhodes after Rowe was hit by Stalling giving Rhodes an 8-3 lead after which a 10-3 lead. take down. An escape and one other takedown make it 13-4 with drive time.

Iowa 15, CBU 0

184 kilos: Abe Assad (Iowa) Dec. Peter Acciardi (CBU), 11-4

First part: Assad shoots a low shot at first and scores at 2:37 for a 2-0 lead. Assad lets him take a 2-1 lead with 1:45 to go. Assad goes extensive after which shoots into the bounds because the motion circles close to the sting. Assad finally will get the takedown for a 4-1 lead by the tip of the third.

Second leg: Assad chooses the ground and escapes in 16 seconds for a 5-1 lead. Assad places on a low present at 1:05 to take a 7-1 lead adopted by an escape for Acciardi. Assad leads 7:2 on the break and has precisely one minute’s driving time.

Third interval: Acciardi lands on the bottom and escapes in 25 seconds however Assad nonetheless leads 7-3. Another low shot from Assad makes it 9-3 with a minute left. An escape makes it 9-4 by one other low shot from Assad, resulting in a protracted scramble however no purpose. Assad wins 11-4 with driving time.

Iowa 18, CBU 0

197 kilos: Jacob Warner (Iowa) CASE Elijah Sobas (CBU), :38

First interval: Warner comes on fireplace and hits immediately, offering Sobas with an escape, then knocking him onto his again to a fall in 38 seconds.

Iowa 24, CBU 0

285 kilos: Tony Cassioppi (Iowa) FALL Chris Island (CBU), 2:13

First part: Cassioppi hits a brace after 15 seconds for a 2-0 lead. Cassioppi commits to the trip and finally locks an arm and will get the autumn left at 47.

Iowa 30, CBU 0

125 kilos: Elijah Griffin (CBU) Dec. Aidan Harris (Iowa), 9-4

First interval: Griffin scores a takedown for CBU’s first offensive factors. A penalty on Griffin makes it 2-1, however Griffin drives arduous up entrance. Griffin will get a tilt close to the sting for 2 near-fall factors and a 4-1 lead, and takes that lead into the break.

Second interval: Harris is down to begin the second interval and Griffin stays dedicated to the drive. Harris challenged the stalling with 1:05 left as Griffin rides on however would not rating a close to fall, as an alternative sustaining his 4-1 lead.

Third part: Griffin begins on the backside and will get a flip at 1:37 to guide 6:1. An escape from Harris makes it 6-2, however Griffin scores one other takedown for an 8-2 lead. Misconduct on Griffin making it 8-3. A run on the finish of the part and a trip time for Griffin make it 9-4.

Iowa, 30, CBU 3

133 kilos: Brody Teske Dec. Hunter Leake (CBU), 6-4

First Section: Teske hits a low shot in the midst of the part, resulting in a protracted alternate of blows till a stalemate is named with 33 seconds to go. Teske nearly locked a cradle as time runs out. No ranking within the first.

Second part: Leake begins from the underside at first of the part and escapes for a 1-0 lead in 49 seconds. Teske will get on the board with a takedown, however Leake hits his head in the course of the alternate, leaving medical workers to evaluate the state of affairs. No stoppage time. Evaluation of the concussion. The motion continues with 49 seconds left within the interval and Teske rides out.

Third Section: Action begins within the impartial place and Teske advantages with a takedown and a 4-1 lead. Locked fingers from Teske give Leake a degree that cuts the lead in half. A reversal from Leake makes it 4-4, however Teske locked drive time. A deliberate escape from Leake makes the rating 5-4 and neither scores. Teske wins 6-4 with driving time.

Iowa 33, CBU 3

141 kilos: Drew Bennett (Iowa) Major Dec. Edison Alinas (CBU), 16-5

First part: Bennett comes on the board with a takedown within the first 15 seconds. An escape from Aliinas halves the lead. Bennett scores at half-time with a low shot for a 4-1 lead. Alina escapes with a minute to go to halve the lead once more. A excessive step by Alina on the finish of the interval is countered by Bennett. Bennett leads 6-2 at break however officers examine the decision. The name stands.

Second leg: Alina begins from the underside and escapes to halve the lead once more. Bennett scores one other takedown for an 8-3 lead. Bennett earns a lag level towards Alina as he rides out the remainder of the interval.

Third interval: Bennett escapes in 10 seconds and will get one other takedown for an 11-3 lead. An escape try by Alina with a minute to go makes it 11-4, however one other takedown and escape and takedown make it 15-5. Bennett rides out the remainder of the interval and wins 16-5 with trip time.

Iowa 37, CBU 3

149 kilos: Max Murin (Iowa) Tech. Autumn Chaz Hallmark (CBU), 24-9

First interval: Murin takedown to a cradle for 2 and two, however Hallmark counters and Hallmark will get a six in alternate for a 6-4 lead. Murin escapes and will get a takedown on the break for a 7-6 lead.

Second interval: Murin begins down and escapes and will get a takedown for a 10-6 lead with 1:27 left. Murin deliberately lets go of Hallmark and will get one other takedown for a 12-7 lead. A Hallmark escape places it 12-8, however one other takedown on a flip places Murin 18-8 at break.

Third Period: A run from Hallmark makes it 18-9. Stall warning on Hallmark with 1:10 to go and Murin scores a number of seconds later and goes in a Turk and 4 nearfalls for a 24-9 Tech.

Iowa 42, CBU 3

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