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Nebraska high school volleyball statistical leaders, Oct. 27

Stu Pospisil and Mike Patterson make their picks for the Nebraska State soccer playoffs and take a look at the volleyball rankings going into the county video games.

Check out the newest Nebraska High School volleyball stats guides under.


class a : Dalton, Fremont, 483; Traudt, Grand Island, 428; Ndam-Simpson, Om. west facet, 419; Medeck, Papillion-La Vista South, 399; Laird, Om. west facet, 385; Tvrdy, Papillion-La Vista, 382; Goebel, Lincoln Southwest, 374; Ries, Norfolk, 366; Hoos, Big Island, 364; erase, om Marian, 361; Glaser, Papillion-La Vista, 361.

Class B: Burke, Om. Skutt, 430; Turek, Seward, 393; Heaney, Elkhorn North, 377; Wolfe, Elkhorn, 371; Crist, Crete, 361; Leeling, Sydney, 348; Buzbee, Bennington, 344; Moore, Waverley, 325; Kircher, Norris, 313; Clarke, Alliance, 311.

Omaha Territory: Vogler, Elmwood-Murdock, 438; Wurtz, Douglas County West, 406; Osmera, Wahoo, 333; Smith, Wahoo, 262; Glock, Ashland-Greenwood, 257; Comer, Omaha Concordia, 256; Wirges, Om. Christian, 256.

People additionally learn…

All class: Heidemann, Diller-Odell, 596; Dolliver, Malcolm, 505; Dalton, Fremont, 483; Hanel, Clarkson-Leigh, 482; Wachal, Lincoln Lutherans, 460.


class a: Venable, Lincoln Pius X, .404; Tvrdy, Papillion-La Vista, .400; erase, om Marian, .373; Hart, Gretna, .351; Lionberger, Lincoln Southwest, .337; Traudt, Grand Island, .336; Laird, Om. west facet, .335; Glaser, Papillion-La Vista, .329; Adeyemi, Papillion-La Vista South, .311; Fox, Lincoln East, .310.

Class B: snow grass, om Duchesne, .409; Buzbee, Bennington, .344; hyperlink, om Skutt, .333; Kircher, Norris, .331; Burke, Om. Skutt, .323; Wolfe, elk horn, .320; Miller, Seward, .310; Moore, Waverly, .293; Landon, Waverly, .290; Rasgorshek, Crete, .287.

Omaha Territory: Wurtz, Douglas County West, .541; Roseland, Platteview, .310; Schmidt, Om. Concordia, .282; Harms, Ashland-Greenwood, .267; Liss, Douglas County West, .252.

All class: Wurtz, Douglas County West, .541; Heidemann, Diller-Odell, .470; Ryan, overtone, .434; West, Wausa, .418; snow grass, om Duchesne, .409.


class a: Long, Lincoln Southwest, 1.008; Bradford, East Lincoln, 983; Hickey, Papillion-La Vista, 978; Markowski, Lincoln Pius X, 959; Campi, Om. Marian, 946; Streich, Norfolk, 799; Lottman, Lincoln North Star, 796; Taylor, Grand Island, 788; hail, om west facet, 774; Denker, Fremont, 735.

Class B: Uhlir, Bennington, 998; Kratochvil, Seward, 916; Rowley, Waverly, 906; Booth, Elkhorn North, 839; Enigma, Sydney, 786; Bessler, Crete, 672; Schutte, Elkhorn, 658; banker, om Skutt, 657; West, Scottsbluff, 651; leak, om Scott, 578.

Omaha Territory: Waido, Wahoo, 807; Frahm, Elmwood-Murdock, 703; Wilkinson, Om. Concordia, 696; Craven, Ashland-Greenwood, 679; Quinlan, Fort Calhoun, 427; Haynes, Om. Brownell Talbot, 427.

All class: Rennerfeldt, Oakland-Craig, 1017; Long, Lincoln Southwest, 1.008; : Uhlir, Bennington, 998; Unseld, Pierce, 994; Bradford, Lincoln East, 983.


class a: Lewis, Om. Northwest, 112; Festeren, Om. Central, 83; Dotzler, Om. Burke, 73; Craig, Bellevue East, 67; Pokharel, Millard West, 63; Butler, Millard South, 62; Paroda-Dillman, Om. Central, 61; Sheppard, Fremont, 58; Solomon, Papillion-La Vista South, 55; Hedge vigorous, Gretna, 55.

Class B: Mauch, Bennington, 74; Meyer, Norris, 69; West, Scottsbluff, 65; Burke, Om. Skutt, 64; Hagendorn, Om. Skutt, 61; Siebert, Seward, 55; foot, Scottsbluff, 51; Sebree, Bennington, 49; Hafeman, Scottsbluff, 48; Malesker, Om. mercy, 48.

Omaha Territory: Hatter, Om. Brownell Talbot, 95; Larson, Wahoo, 75; Frahm, Elmwood-Murdock, 63; Quinlan, Fort Calhoun, 61; Gocke, Conestoga, 60; Thaden, Om. Brownell Talbot, 59; Liss, Douglas County West, 59; Smith, Wahoo, 59.

All class: Lewis, Omaha Northwest, 112; Heidemann, Diller-Odell, 98; Hatter, Om. Brownell Talbot, 95; Moller, Pierce, 88; Festeren, Om. Central, 83.


class a: erase, om Marian, 80; Tvrdy, Papillion-La Vista, 77; Helmbrecht, Kearney, 76; Jackson, Om. Central, 75; Vitera, Papillion-La Vista, 73; Fox, Lincoln East, 66; Vanderbeek, Kearney, 63; Weber, Bellevue East, 63; Roth, Om. Marian, 61; Kramer, Om. Burke, 61.

Class B: Clarke, Alliance, 108; Stoppkotte, Grand Island Northwest, 94; Rice, Norris, 89; Miller, Seward, 87; Buzbee, Bennington, 72; Montes, Alliance, 65; Landon, Waverley, 62; foot, Scottsbluff, 61; Meadow, Waverly, 60; Horne, Scottsbluff, 55.

Omaha Territory: Burch, Weeping Waters, 103; ridge, weeping water, 87; Wurtz, Douglas County West, 79; Mogensen, Weeping Water, 76; Harms, Ashland-Greenwood, 68.

All class: Stallbaumer, South Loup, 189; Arbuthnot, SEM, 150; Huss, Fairbury, 141; O’Neill, SEM, 139; Eickhoff, Hartington Cedar Catholic, 109; Ross, South Loup, 109.


class a: Hansen, Grand Island, 496; Gologan, Om. west facet, 485; Humm, Lincoln Pius X, 440; Frame, Gretna, 440; Worley, Kearney, 426; Medeck, Papillion-La Vista South, 425; Dyrstad, Papillion-La Vista South, 423; Galligan, Elkhorn South, 416; Ndam-Simpson, Om. west facet, 397; Butler, Millard South, 390.

Class B: Mauch, Bennington, 754; Gonzalez-Orozco, Gering, 587; Douglas, Om. Skutt, 523; Rice, Waverly, 519; Andersen, Elkhorn, 503; Kriens, South Sioux City, 498; Loosvelt, York, 454; Fletcher, Grand Island Northwest, 454; Benson, Hastings, 404; Stanley, Sydney, 402.

Omaha Territory: Backemeyer, Elmwood-Murdock, 506; Wirges, Om. Christian, 494; Brack, Weeping Waters, 471; Larson, Wahoo, 437; Huitink, Om. Christian, 423; Borner, Douglas County West, 421.

All class: Mauch, Bennington, 754; Gonzalez-Orozco, Gering, 587; Lierman, Fairbury, 580; Moller, Pierce, 553; Gibbs, Columbus Sea View, 542.

Note: Not all colleges replace MaxPreps statistics.

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